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Detoxy is more enhanced and named Detoxy Plus now Introduction:   Detoxification Support for Healthy Blood (Skin Care Blood Purification Formula) Possible Indications: It help to keep a clean colon and supports healthy liver...
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Blood Cleaner:- Blood Cleaner Ingredients: Rubia cordifolia Tinospora cordifolia Emblica officinalis Terminalia bellirica Terminalia chebula Eclipta alba Zingiber  officinale Clerodendron serraton Solanum  xanthocarpum So...
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Introduction: A special product that is must for all type Psoriasis Main Ingredients: Panchtikat ghrit gugulu Melia azadirachta Chalmongra oil Bakuchi oil Possible indications: It is useful in all types of Psoriasis. It is ...

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