Migraine Cure Kit

Migraine Cure Kit

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A migraine headache is a severe headache that can be debilitating and cause significant disability. They are more common among females than males. Migraine is known as Suryavartha soola in Ayurveda, where Surya means Sun and Avartha means arise of affliction, thus the aggravation of pain with light and heat. However, the type of migraine headache may be different according to a person’s individual constitution.

Ayurvedic concept-

The exact cause of migraine is not well-known but genetic and environmental causes play an important role. We know in Ayurveda they can be caused by a Pitta-Vata imbalance. An imbalance in the hot Pitta dosha manifests as a burning, searing, sharp pain – which can be associated with visual sensations and light sensitivity. Often exacerbated by heat, migraines may be triggered by eyestrain from using computers and watching television. Causes include digestive imbalances; the accumulation of digestive toxins; exposure to environmental pollution and toxins that can be found in food, air, and water; and excess stress as expressed in anger, frustration, and mood swings.

Panchkarma in migraine 

In chronic migraines, toxic materials will be deposited in the head and can affect the function of the different sense organs. This then can produce sensitivity to light, sound, odour, and mood changesPanchakarma helps to remove these toxins and helps to strengthen the nervous system. Special treatments like Sirodhara, Shiroabhyanga, Sirovasti, nasyam, etc. help to nourish the nerve system and thereby the action of Vata is normalized.

Benefits of migraine cure kit 

  • Cure Pulsating headache
  • Relief Nausea
  • Reduce Sensitivity to light, noise, and odours
  • Relief of Pulsating and recurrent pain
  • Cure Blurred vision
  • Cure Lightheadedness
  • Cure Fatigue




Dos and Don’ts for Migraine

  • Avoid the food stuffs that trigger the disease.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol completely.
  • Avoid dried food stuffs, fast food and junk food.
  • Take warm food rich in clarified butter.
  • Do regular meditation and pranayama.
  • Regularize your bowels. Avoid constipation.

Packing: 60 capsules

Dosage: 1-0-1

Manasamitra Vatika
Packing: 30 Tablets

Dosage: 1 tab/day

Mind Calm
Packing: 90 capsules

Dosage: 1-1-1

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