Osteoporosis Healer Kit

Osteoporosis Healer Kit

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it is a condition in which the density of bone decreases, thereby making the bones fragile. It leads to unusually porous bones that can be compressed like a sponge.  Osteoporosis results in recurrent fractures in the bones, particularly the spine, hips, ribs, and wrists bones. Both women and men can be affected by this disorder.

Ayurvedic concept 

In Osteoporosis, all the food that we eat converts into different tissues because of Dhatu Agni (Metabolism). Calcium and vitamin D conversion to bone tissues happens with the help of Asthi Dhatu Agni. When this Asthi Dhatu Agni or metabolism does not function very well, in spite, of taking calcium and vitamins, bones start degenerating and lead to osteoporosis. it is very important to increase metabolism, nourish bones constantly, and reduce vata regularly, which can help stimulate dhatu Agni and metabolism. The calcium and vitamin D in our body then starts working and producing bone tissues again and Improving bone density.


  • Reduce the process of osteoporosis
  • Strengthens the bones by restoring calcium levels
  • Reduce the risk of facture 


Lifestyle changes 

Get enough calcium, vitamin D, and protein each day. Low-fat dairy; leafy green vegetables; fish; fortified juices, milk, and grains are good sources of calcium.


  • Eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. 
  • Choose healthy sources of protein and fat. 
  • Get plenty of calcium. 
  • Limit sugar, salt, and phosphate additives. 
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption.

Packing: 60 capsules

Dosage: 1-0-1

Packing: 60 capsules

Dosage: 1-0-1

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