Pulmonary Hypertension Kit

Pulmonary Hypertension Kit

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Pulmonary hypertension is caused due to the changes in cells lining pulmonary arteries which leads to thickening and inflammation of the artery walls. This change leads to blockage of blood vessels leading to high blood pressure. 

Ayurvedic concept 

Resistance to the flow can be related to an increase in ill-formed Kapha dosha. As the lungs are the seat of Kapha hence it can be stated that Kapha has increased in its own seat. It takes longer to cure an increase of a dosha in its own seat. The reason for an increase in Kapha is low Agni (fire) at the level of Rasa dhatu (first tissue). Low agni gives rise to lung diseases, makes the blood heavy, and concentrated, and obstructs circulation. The obstruction caused by ill-formed Kapha gives rise to an increase in Vata. Increased Vata results in hypertension. Low Agni is caused by a multitude of factors related to wrong lifestyle and diet like consuming incompatible foods, excessive sleeping, lack of exercise, etc. The aim of the treatment will be to increase Agni thereby removing obstruction and relieving tension

Diet and lifestyle changes 

Do not overstrain- 

Take adequate rest, and do not overstrain the body by lifting heavy objects or exercising too much. By resting your body often it reduces the heartbeat and eventually releases pressure from pulmonary arteries.

Walk to Maintain a Healthy Heart- 

Walking helps in maintaining a healthy heart, however, in case of pulmonary hypertension brisk walking is not allowed. You can take a stroll at the park or walk slowly in the neighbourhood with portable oxygen cans. This has shown some beneficial results.

Quit Smoking-

 Smoking causes severe damage to the lungs. In the case of pulmonary hypertension, the condition of the lungs and heart worsens due to smoking which leads to death. Consult a doctor to prescribe nicotine supplements or other exercise programmes that can help you quit smoking as soon as possible.

Avoid pregnancy and birth control pills- 

Pulmonary hypertension in women during the childbearing age can cost pregnancy. Bearing a child with pulmonary hypertension can cause severe damage to the mother and the baby which is fatal. Intake of birth control pills complicates the condition of pulmonary hypertension as these pills increase the chances of blood clots that interrupts the blood flow. Use different options for birth control and consult a gynaecologist if you get pregnant for better suggestions.

Avoid travelling by flight and living at higher altitudes- 

Travelling and living at altitudes higher than 8000 feet can worsen the condition of pulmonary hypertension. Relocating to lower altitudes are recommended by doctors.

Avoid exposure to warm climates-

 Exposure to warmer and hot temperatures reduces blood pressure which may lead to fainting episodes and even death in the case of pulmonary hypertension. Avoid taking hot showers for long, and avoid sitting in a hot tub or sauna at all costs.

Follow a healthy diet chart- 

Eat a balanced diet with all healthy nutrients that can help you feel energetic. Your meal should consist of fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products and lean meat. Do not eat food that contains saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol as they increase fat deposits in blood vessels. Also, reduce the intake of salt and maintain a healthy weight.

Do not take unprescribed medicines- 

Always take medicines suggested by your doctor. If you have heard about a new medicine to ease symptoms of pulmonary hypertension from a friend or a well-wisher, please consult your doctor before taking them.

Clear your doubts during follow-ups- 

Do not shy away from clearing your doubts about the discomforts faced during pulmonary hypertension. Do mention the occurrence of unexpected side effects to your doctor during follow-up appointments. By doing this you can work on improving your quality of life.

Get vaccinated- 

People living with pulmonary hypertension condition are more prone to diseases such as influenza and pneumonia. Your doctor will advise you to get vaccinated against these diseases to avoid severe complications.

Ask for help or support-

 Ask for help from your family and friends and also speak to a psychological counsellor for help in coping with stress and anxiety. Participate in activities arranged by support groups to help ease your stress levels.


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