Eczema Healer Kit

Eczema Healer Kit

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Eczema is a condition in which parts of the skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough. Blisters may sometimes occur. Eczema has been shown to be brought, well under control with the help of Ayurvedic Treatment. Diet (Ahara) and Lifestyle (Vihara) have proven to be the cornerstones of management. Eczema is a common, chronic, non-infectious skin condition. The main symptom of this inflammatory disease is a very itchy rash. "Medicines in this help to relief all the symptoms of eczema. 

Why Eczema Healer kit-

Our line of treatment aims in appeasing aggravated Pitta in the body and to enhance the body’s digestion and cleansing process to remove the accumulated toxins from deep layers. This includes diet and lifestyle advice and home remedies to reduce skin irritation and cleanse the body and mind with our herbal decoctions and modifications. we believe in treating the root causes of Eczema  and reducing the symptoms and preventing the recurrence of the skin condition. We understand individual lifestyle conditions and other factors and develop individualized treatment plans including proper diet and specialized herbal combinations.

Dietary Changes Needed-

  • The diet should be able to pacify the dosha that is primarily vitiated.
  • Certain foods are commonly known to be aggravating to Vicharchika. Hence avoid the following–hot and spicy foods, excess fermented foods, excess salt, alcohol, sour fruits, deep-fried foods, ice cream, cold drinks, coffee, strong tea, and overconsumption of nuts.
  • Consume Light food.
  • Consume more of Bitter vegetables like bitter and ridge gourd, brinjal, lauki, etc., Purana Dhanya (Older grains), Mudga (Green gram), Patola (snake gourd), Shali-Shastika (rice harvested in 60 days), Yava (barley), Goduma (wheat).
  • Introduce ghee into your diet.
  • Drink 6-10 glasses of water a day

 It is best to eat a plant-based diet rich in whole, healthy, and unprocessed foods. The right diet for eczema also must include foods rich in essential fatty acids, Zinc, Vitamin A, and vitamin C, The above nutrients help in reducing the symptoms of eczema. Treatment also includes drinking lots of fluids. Licorice tea and aloe vera juice are among the recommended ones.

Foods to avoid–

  • alcohol
  • dairy products
  • refined sugar
  • acidic fruits
  • tomatoes
  • fried food
  • salty or spicy food and, processed food.

Stress management techniques-

Ayurvedic treatment for eczema also focuses on relieving stress since it can trigger eczema flare-ups. This may be done via–deep breathing techniques, massage,meditation, walking, yoga


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