Sacroiliitis Healer Kit

Sacroiliitis Healer Kit

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Sacrum is a part of the vertebra and the ilium is the part of the hip bone that joins the pelvis to the vertebra. Sacroiliitis is a condition characterized by inflammation at the joint where the sacrum meets the ilium. It is sometimes a cause of back pain with difficulty in turning in bed and leads to stiffness over a period of time.

Ayurvedic concept 

Pain in the asthi (bones), sandhi (joints), and Sakthi (legs) is the symptom of sandhi gata vata (aggravation of vata in sandhi/ joint). This is a type of vatavyadhi (disease caused by aggravated by vata) in Ayurveda. Vata is aggravated by increased intake of bitter/ astringent/ pungent tastes, dry and cold food, late night sleep, skipping meals, taking very light food/ less amount of food, over-exertion, continuous traveling, etc. When the aggravated vata gets dislodged in the joint between trika (sacral bone/ lower part of the spine) and kati (hip bone), it causes pain, weakness and difficulty to do active movements of the joint. The management is determined after assessing the cause of the disease, its chronicity, state of dosha, presence of ama, occupation, place of residence, etc. Internal medications are given. If ama is present, rukshana  therapies (eg: valuka sweda, dhanyamla dhara) are provided.Thereafter, snehana (snehapana and/or abhyanga), swedana (eg: pizhichil), virechana (purgation therapy), vasthi (with decoction and suitable oil/ ghee), lepana (external application of medicines), bandages and katipichu (retention of suitable oils at the site of pain) are done depending on the factors mentioned above.


  • Relief inflammation.
  • Relief pain.
  • Relief of bone deterioration.
  • Prevent infection.



Whole grains, green vegetables, leafy vegetables, milk, sweet fruits, etc are recommended during treatment for fast recovery. Avoid very hot/ cold food, spicy food, meat, curd, and tubers. 


Avoid over-exertion. Maintain normal body weight. Take proper rest. Avoid abnormal body postures while standing/ sitting/ sleeping. Daily oil massage is recommended all over the body. Do not travel on uneven roads, especially on two-wheelers.


  • Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) .
  • Utthita Parsvakonasana (Extended Side Angle Pose).

  • Immuno Plus Gold

    Packing: 30 Tablets
    Dosage: 1-tab/day

    Immuno Plus

    Packing: 60 Tablets
    Dosage: 1-0-1


    Packing: 90 Capsules
    Dosage: 1-1-1


    Packing: 60 Capsules
    Dosage: 1-0-1

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