Weight Loss Kit

Weight Loss Kit

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Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder of the modern age. It is characterized by an excess accumulation of fat in the body. Continuous indulgence in high-fat, fried foods, along with a sedentary lifestyle results in excessive fat getting blocked in various body channels. Obesity, in turn, causes a number of metabolic disturbances such as hypertension, diabetes, irregular digestion, etc. It can affect social life too. Overweight, if not controlled, can lead to obesity. Obesity is a condition when the BMI (Body Mass Index) of a person lies above 30. Just take the ratio of body weight (in kgs) and the square of the person’s height (in mts) to get the BMI. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 indicates that the person is overweight and it is better to exercise proper measures for weight loss and health maintenance at this stage. A BMI of 30 and above indicates obesity.

Why this weight loss kit 

Medicines in this kit help to increase the metabolism, by this ama ( toxins), could not deposited in the body. This means this kit helps in the detoxification of the body. These medicines serve the function of sroto shodhana . 

Diet principles to reduce kapha

  • Eat small quantities of food more often throughout the day rather than 2-3 large meals.
  • Enjoy one main meal a day, preferably at lunchtime when digestion is strong. Our internal digestive fire is strongest when the fire in the sky – the sun – is strongest, that is in the middle of the day.
  • Include warm soupy meals in your diet often, as they are very easy to digest. A good staple meal is kitchari (see recipe).
  • Aim for around 30% of your daily intake to come from a vegetarian protein source or a small amount of white meat. Avoid red meat where possible. Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Your diet should have around 20% of whole grains that could include porridges made from a variety of grains such as buckwheat, millet, quinoa, corn, spelled, etc. Eat grains at breakfast and lunchtime when digestion is strongest. Avoid processed grains and cereals and try to keep bread to a minimum.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be around 50% of the food you eat. Include as much variety as you can and don’t overly rely on sweet vegetables and fruit.
  • Exclude all processed foods from your diet. They often contain high amounts of sugar and salt which are not good for weight loss, or indeed any healthy eating regime.
  • Salt is an important part of a healthy diet; however, it should come from a small amount added to our meals. The best forms of slat to eat are black salt (found at our clinic shop or a good ayurvedic Indian grocer), or Himalayan pink salt (widely available in health stores and some supermarkets).
  • A healthy weight loss diet should include a moderate amount of spices (all spices). Begin experimenting with traditional ayurvedic spices in your cooking – including turmeric, ginger, fennel, ajwain, fenugreek, cloves, cardamom, cumin, etc.
  • Kapha is heavy, so when managing your weight, you will want to limit heavy foods. Some dairy foods can be quite ‘heavy’ such as cold milk (only drink warmed unhomogenized cow’s milk), yogurt (eat less than ½ cup per day), ice cream, custard, and cream (best to avoid these entirely).
  • Avoid all types of chilled drinks as they may kill digestive fire immediately. The best drinks to have are warm herbal teas and warm filtered water.
  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants like coffee.
  • Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners as they are heavy to digest and the sweet taste increases Kapha. If you need to use a sweetener, use a little bit of honey. But make sure the honey is not heated. Heated honey creates ‘ama’ or toxins in tissue channels.
  • Include salads in your diet as they are light and dry, the opposite of Kapha. The best time to include salads is at lunchtime when digestion is strongest.
  • Drink warm water with a small amount of lemon juice and black salt in the morning.
  • Exercise frequently. A minimum of 45 minutes/day of physical activity is essential. Walking, yoga, or jogging are good forms of exercise.


  • Fat Heal

Packing: 90 capsules
Dosage: 1-1-1

  • Detoxy Plus

Packing: 90 Tablets
Dosage: 1-1-1

Fat Heal
Packing: 90 capsules

Dosage: 1-1-1

Detoxy Plus
Packing: 90 Tablets

Dosage: 1-1-1

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